About Lozen

Welcome with open arms my Spirit brothers and Sister. I'm honored with your visit to my Website.

I have had the greatest honor which is to be taught by my mother "Mama Little Wolf".

My Mother has taught me many aspect of our culture, she also shared with me the gift for making her art. Mama Little Wolf taught us that everyday is a lifetime, and with each lifetime to live life with honor. How does one live life with honor. With respect to all our relations. To enter each day with love in our hearts, and never take anything, anyone, or even time for granted. So it's with joy in my heart that I welcome you to my website. We are looking forward to meeting you. May you always walk in beauty for beauty walks in you.

Take Care of you, Oceans of Love, Joy and blessings and have a most wonderful and magical day


Mama Little Wolf and Daughter Lozen

Mama Little Wolf & Daughter Lozen :: We are proud to be a part of the Apache Nation. And we are honored with your visit to our Website.


If you looking at this page you want to know a little bit about my Mother and me.

We are artist by trade, (amongst other things)and I have been creating my art since the age of 6 years old.

My mother taught me all that I know. We (my family and I) have followed our ancestral way all our lives. We feel how blessed that we are every moment and are aware of all life's possiblies. With so much gratitude we are happy to greet each day with all our heart and give thanks for all the blessings that we have been gifted with in this lifetime. As my mother taught us it is important to enter the new day without regrets.

And so we treat all our relations with great respect. I and my family would like to extend to you peace, health, happiness and many blessings.

Please feel free to browse around our site and we hope you enjoy looking at our art as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Many blessings.